About the project
Plutus Crypto

Plutus Crypto was an educational platform designed to educate people regarding cryptocurrencies. They sent out daily crypto trade alerts to their members, which they could easily copy/paste and profit themselves.

The beginning

It all starts here!

Plutus Crypto wanted to revolutionize the way people learn about crypto. They wanted not only to educate them but also to show them how to trade. For that reason, they wanted to offer real-time trade signals to their members.

What we did

The Solution

A lot is happening behind the scenes on a server with a project like theirs. Everything from real-time notifications to regularly updated trading guides. We’ve built them an advanced web application that could manage all that. Ohh, and we can’t forget about their logo, of course.

Results & Stats

The Results

The site launch was a success. Carson showed his website to his followers, and he immediately gained visitors. The contact form is still being regularly used. We are running analytics and data collection for further optimization.

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